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Breach of Fiduciary Duty: When Does it Become a Crime? Legal Consequences Explained

A breach of fiduciary duty becomes a crime when the act is beyond mere negligence and involves deceit, collusion, or concealment. This is where a trusted party deliberately violates her responsibilities, misuses entrusted assets, or unfairly favors his interests over the entrusted party. Every decision a fiduciary makes impacts the represented party. A deceitful move […]

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Campaign Finance Fraud

Campaign finance fraud is an intricate criminal charge and requires adept legal minds to navigate.  A campaign finance fraud lawyer is well-versed in the complex laws and regulations surrounding political fundraising and can provide expert guidance and representation if you are facing allegations or charges related to campaign finance fraud. Such a lawyer will assess

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Conspiracy to Defraud the United States are complex offenses. Section 286 makes criminal conspiracies to defraud the government in relation to a claim. Section 371 is a broader catch all conspiracy provision making illegal conspiracies to defraud the United States or violate U.S. law. Understanding these charges is important for anyone who has made or


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Healthcare Fraud Investigations

In general there are three types of federal healthcare fraud investigations. One is a False Claims Act investigation by the Department of Justice (“DOJ”). Another is a quit tam or whistleblower investigation and lawsuit brought by a private individual. The third is a criminal investigation, investigated by federal law enforcement agencies and prosecuted by DOJ.

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Healthcare Fraud Accusations

Every year, billions of dollars are wasted due to healthcare fraud, drastically inflating the costs of medical care and health insurance. But the fallout extends beyond mere financial burdens—healthcare fraud can also result in unwarranted penalties, damaged reputations, and even potential imprisonment for those entangled in this type of fraud.  This article examines how to

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Retaining the Right Healthcare Fraud Attorney

If you are charged with healthcare fraud, knowing the right questions to ask your lawyer can be as crucial as the evidence itself. This kind of litigation is not even more so than others is not as depicted on television dramas – it is intricate, complex and requires a deep understanding of both healthcare law

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Can Healthcare Fraud Charges Be Dismissed?

Short answer:  It is very unlikely. Once the government, particularly the Department of Justice has brought charges, it is very rare for a dismissal to occur. That is the reason for retaining experienced counsel as early in the process as possible.  A healthcare fraud indictment can be both devastating and overwhelming. If you or your

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Healthcare Fraud Prosecution

When it comes to healthcare laws and regulations, accusations of fraud can threaten reputations, careers, and result in significant financial costs. Navigating accusations requires detailed preparation and powerful defense strategies.  This blog post unveils the most effective defenses against healthcare fraud allegations. From understanding various statutes to proactively constructing an ironclad defense plan, I will

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